Why Should You Buy Solar Power for Your Home?

Purchasing a solar energy system for your home from Sungevity is a smart investment. It allows you to lock in energy prices for the long term to protect your family against rising rates, stay comfortable and run the A/C when you need to, and power your life with sunshine.

Buying a solar energy system has a potential for a federal 30% tax credit along with state and local rebates that can increase your overall rebate to 50% in some cases. The federal tax credit will be available through 2016. While Sungevity also offers low cost solar leasing options, purchasing your solar power system is a great way to spread the sunshine.

When you purchase solar with a Sungevity solar system, you get top quality equipment and professional installation, which will significantly increase the value of your home without any additional property taxes in most locations -so unlike a home improvement, you can increase the value of your home without increasing your tax bill. (NREL solar resale study)

Sungevity will take care of the entire rebate, electrical utility interconnection, and municipal permitting paperwork. We make it as easy as possible for you to buy solar power. That way you and your family can quickly move on to enjoying family movie night with lower bills powered by clean sunshine.

When you go solar with Sungevity we back it up with a solid warranty on all parts and labor, so you don’t have to worry. You’ll get years of lower cost solar power, while promoting energy independence, and reducing your household footprint. Why pay more to power your life with coal when you can pay less for clean solar energy?

It’s easy to see if buying solar is right for you and your family. Request a free iQuote and Sungevity will design a solar system for your home and set you up with an expert friendly solar consultant who can answer your questions. In a half hour or less you can have everything you need to decide if moving forward with a solar energy system is right for you.

Shine on!

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