SOURCE™ Hydropanels

SOURCE is completely off-grid and self-contained, creating drinking water from just sunlight and air.


Water Production

Using advanced water capture technology, a standard SOURCE array replaces more than a twelve-pack and up to a twenty-pack of bottled water on a sunny day.*


Water Quality

SOURCE Water is mineralized with calcium and magnesium, achieving optimal taste. With this perfect combination of electrolytes for your hydration, SOURCE brings the highest-quality water for your health right to your tap.


Technical Specification

A standard residential SOURCE array is made up of two Hydropanels: one primary Hydropanel and one additional Hydropanel with array sizes designed to meet your drinking water needs.

Daily Production
A standard array averages 4-10 liters each day or 8-20 16.9oz standard water bottles, depending on sunshine and humidity.

Water Storage
Each Hydropanel holds 30 liters in a reservoir where it is mineralized and kept clean for optimal taste and health. Standard arrays have 60 liters of water storage capacity.

Each Hydropanel is 4 feet x 8 feet (1.2m x 2.4m) and a standard array contains 2 Hydropanels.

SOURCE utilizes solar power and a small battery to enable water production when the sun shines and water delivery on cloudy days or at night.

Technical Specifications

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SOURCE™ Hydropanels


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