SoCal Edison Wants a 14.4% Price Increase. Solar Helps You Avoid This

Southern California Edison requested a significant rate increase for residential from the California Public Utilities Commission.


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Why the rate hike?
When does it take effect?
Don’t pay more, pay less, with solar energy
Protect your energy rates for 20 years

SoCal Edison, the biggest electric company in Southern California, made it clear to consumers that they want to increase prices by 14.4% starting in January. Customers who get electricity from this utility will start seeing double-digit increases in the amount of money they pay each month.

Notice: California Public Utilities Commission

If you’re a homeowner and you get your electricity from SCE, this applies to you. They’ve requested the price in watts by the hour for electricity to rise by 14.4% for residential structures – i.e., everyday homes.

Chances are, you’re already paying too much. And you’ll still see a huge increase.

But you don’t have to settle for this. Switching to solar power with Sungevity will help you not only avoid price increases from your utility, you’ll start paying less money per month than you pay today.

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Why the rate hike?

Per SCE: “The purpose of this GRC is for SCE to cover its anticipated costs from 2021 through 2024 for its employees to inspect, repair, and, when appropriate, upgrade poles, transformers and distribution lines. This includes reducing wildfire risk and upkeeping the safety of the grid.”

Don’t get us wrong – these are very necessary things for SCE to do. Reducing wildfire risk is critical.

However, this comes much too late. Southern California Edison should have been inspecting, maintaining, and repairing its equipment for decades, but they neglected to in favor of corporate profits. We’ve already seen numerous massive wildfires in recent years. If this were a proactive measure taken by SCE instead of reactive measure – meaning if they cared about safety before they were found responsible for billions of dollars in wildfire damage – rate increases would be reasonable and slowly rolled out over the decades. Instead, homeowners now have to help clean up SCE’s mess, and it translates to double-digit price increases.

When does it take effect?

SCE is looking at implementation as of January 2021.

Between then and now will be Southern California’s hot summer, windy dry fall, and Christmas. Homeowners will still see their highest rates ever, compounded by time-of-use billing, extended social distance recommendations, and excessively difficult economic conditions.

And then they’ll see their rates increase by 14.4%.

Don’t pay more, pay less, with solar energy

Chances are you’re already paying too much to Southern California Edison for the electricity you already use. Recent switches to time-of-use billing and other measures taken to help them account for the damage they are responsible for are squeezing homeowners today.

Switching to solar energy gets you out of the grip of SoCal Edison.

As soon as your panels are live, you’ll start saving. That puts more money in your pocket from month 1.

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Sungevity can help lower your bill right off the bat, and keep your rates low for 20 years. There are no surprise rate increases.

Additionally, we provide a 20 year parts and labor warranty, so there’s literally no need to worry about additional costs on your solar system. Just reliable, predictable, low monthly bills.

But don’t wait – go solar before summer, and you’ll see savings the rest of the year. And come January 2021, you won’t get pounded by SCE’s massive price increase!

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SoCal Edison, PG&E, and SDG&E are all poised to keep pushing these types of massive rate hikes onto California residents.

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