Buying, Financing and Leasing Solar Panels

Your Sungevity Solar Consultant will explain all of the financing options for home solar panels that we offer in California and the benefits of a purchase, a solar loan, or a PPA lease.

Cash Purchase

Pay for a solar system in full or through a personal or home equity line of credit.

Solar Panel Financing

Solar loans allow California homeowners to own the solar system, and pay for it over time.

Solar Lease Financing

A Solar lease provider owns, installs, and maintains the solar system for you.

Solar PPA

A Solar Power Purchase Agreement is a contract to buy solar power at a set rate.

Solar Panel Financing Options

Wondering if you should buy or lease solar panels? Purchasing a solar system ranges widely in cost, depending on the size of each home. A small home can be in the $10k-$15k neighborhood, while expensive homes with pools and add-ons can reach over $45k. Our California-based solar company offers a number of solar panel financing options including solar leasing, and we work to make monthly payments for solar affordable to each family.

Explore A Cash Purchase

Purchasing a solar power system is a cost-effective and rewarding option, whether you have the ability to pay in full upfront or through a personal or home equity line of credit.

Benefits of a buying solar panels include:

No monthly solar payments.
Generous federal and state tax incentives (if eligible -- be sure to consult with a tax advisor ahead of time.)
Hassle-free payment process -- you can even pay by credit card and earn points if your credit card has a rewards program.
24/7 monitoring and 20-year system warranty.

With a cash solar system purchase, you make all payments up front, versus monthly lease payments. We provide a complete 25-year production guarantee so you can feel secure in your investment. With homeowners, the system pays for itself within five to ten years, so there’s no reason to wait!

Solar Lease With No Money Down

Many homeowners prefer to lease solar equipment. It’s fundamentally the same concept — the panels generate clean, renewable electricity for your home and you save a ton of money on your monthly bill. The only difference is you simply lease the solar panels versus owning them. Sungevity will connect you with a California solar leasing company that owns, installs, and maintains the system for you.

Benefits of leasing include:

Minimal upfront cost — in some cases, nothing at all — and an affordable monthly amount to the lease provider.
Custom home solar design so the total of your lease payment plus remaining power bill is less in total than your previous electric bill.
System performance is guaranteed for 20 years (and if your system produces less than we estimate, we’ll pay the difference).
There’s no need to feel tied down, either. If you sell your home, Sungevity will help transfer the lease to the new homeowner.