About Sungevity

Sungevity is America's leading home solar specialist, serving thousands of families. Based in Oakland, California, Sungevity has expanded across the United States, Europe and Australia.

We believe going solar is about more than just installing panels. Going solar is about:

  • Saving money
  • Being energy independant
  • Helping the environment

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Sample iQuote

No home visit. No hassle. Simply request an iQuote, have a quick chat with our Solar Consultants by phone, and you'll get a firm proposal online, lightning fast. We use satellite imagery and super-smart software to show you:

  • How much money you could save by going solar.
  • A custom-designed solar system for your house.
  • The environmental benefits of your system.

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Lease Information

This home solar service is a new way to switch to lower cost, clean and natural energy straight from the sun. You pay nothing up front, nothing for installation, and simply switch your energy bill.

We believe going solar is about more than just installing panels. Going solar is about:

  • Switch to natural, clean energy
  • $0 down, including installation
  • Guaranteed support for 20 years

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Performance Guarantee

Our Solar Consultants will take the time to understand your lifestyle and energy needs to ensure that your solar system is perfectly designed for you.

  • With just a short, friendly phone conversation, we make sure we provide the perfect solar solution for you.
  • We pay you if your system doesn’t produce as much power as we estimate it will. We put it in writing.
  • If your system overperforms, you won't be charged a cent more.

We include an iPad integrated with your solar system* so you can track your home genereation anywhere, anytime. And show your friends!

* iPad issued upon 3 referrals getting iQuotes. Limit one per solar system.

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What our customers say

Sungevity's Customers tend to be more than just satisfied - they are delighted! Over 30% of our new customers come from current customers.
- Sloane Morgan, Sungevity Customer Experience Officer

"Everything was first rate from beginning to end! Who knew it could be so easy, affordable and convenient to do the right thing?"
- Aimee P. Mesa, AZ

"Taking the money concerns out of the equation is paramount to successfully solarizing a million rooftops. This excellent program should ignite the process. It is so gratifying seeing the meter spin backwards! Shine on indeed!"
- Steve E. San Diego, CA

"Great Experience and great product. The solar lease option is a breakthrough in reducing the cost of harnessing the energy of the sun and reducing our dependance on utility companies. Withouth the lease, I never would have gone solar and would have missed out on the great feeling I have about generating my own electricity. I really look forward to the coming years of saving money and having little to no electric bill."
- Stephen J. Aliso Viejo, CA

Sometimes you just need to to talk to someone. Don't hesitate to call if so. 1-866-SUN-4ALL